Keratin Express Blowout: What is it and When to Use it

 There are days when time slows down, allowing you to sip through a sweet, tall cup of mocha latte on your front porch. Other times, rushing between gazillion errands, all you can do is carve out a minute for a quick shot of espresso—right off your coffee shop’s counter.  

The same goes for keratin treatments

A visit to your hairstylist or an at-home keratin session is great. But let’s be honest. Your busy schedule doesn’t always allow a 90-minute Kera session.

Did you know that even keratin treatments have their espresso shot?


What is a Keratin Express Blowout? 

Much lighter on time and $ commitment, the Keratin express blowout is a lifesaver for quick fixes. Or when you notice your mane won’t stay glossy and frizz-free until your next keratin appointment.

The keratin express blowout formula is made to infuse your hair with the highest amount of hydrolyzed keratin in the shortest possible time

How long? The time to press the spray nozzle, literally. 


What results should you expect from a Keratin Express Blowout? 

 The espresso shot of keratin will get you:

  • Shinier and glossier hair
  • Sealed split ends
  • Better locking of your hair color, making your hue look more vibrant
  • Removed frizz and dullness

 But there’s more to an express treatment than just being a quick and easy solution to your frissues.

 A good express blowout will also help cut your blow-dry time. In turn, your hair will remain shinier and healthier because it will be less exposed to heat. Meaning less time spent on aftercare.


Keratin Express Blowout vs. Full Keratin Treatment: The Main Differences

This knight in espresso shining armor has many things in common with its full keratin cousin. But there are also differences to consider.

Keratin Express Blowout Will Last Less

With a full keratin treatment, you can sport your glossy and shiny mane between three and six months. An express keratin blowout will last only until your next wash.

Is that a flaw? Not necessarily. 

If you’re dipping your strands into the keratin journey and don’t feel like committing all the way, a quick keratin express treatment might be just right. You’ll be able to check if you’re comfortable with a keratin treatment without having to commit your hair for the next three months. 

Keratin Express Blowout Will Maintain Your Hair’s Texture

An express blowout doesn’t sit long in your hair. It means it will give your hair that shine and gloss it deserves—but it won’t change your hair’s natural texture dramatically.  

So if you would like to super-smoothen your naturally wavy hair, an express touch-up won’t bring the desired result.


How long Before You Can Wash Your Hair After a Keratin Express Blowout?

This is another perk. Full keratin treatments will require you to wait up to 72 hours before your first wash. With an Express Keratin blowout, you can wash your hair as soon as eight hours after the treatment 


Wrapping it up: When to Go for an Express Keratin Blowout

Tick any of these boxes? Then a keratin express blowout fix is definitely worth considering.

  • If you’re looking at trying a keratin treatment for the first time but you don’t want to commit all the way before seeing the results.
  • When you need a spot treatment like frizzy bangs or if your hair gets all puffy during summer.
  • If you want to repair your hair and bring back its gloss, but you’d still like to keep your hair’s natural texture.
  • When you see hair frizz kicking back in, but you’re still a few weeks before your scheduled keratin appointment with your hairstylist.

 Got more questions? Reach out to our keratin treatment experts via our chat box. 


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