About Damila





Damila’s perfected formulas provide hair-nourishing treatments that repair damaged or split ends and leaves your hair silky, straight, and frizz-free. Our hair-care solutions nurture and balance your hair with long-lasting results so that every day is a good hair day. Because we believe there is nothing more powerful than a confident woman.



At the peak of Keratin’s popularity, in 2003 Brazilian founder, Miguel Pacheco developed his ground-breaking formula. He wanted to provide women with a safer straightening solution that didn’t use harsh chemicals. It was one of the first forms of “non-chemical treatments” that could smooth and straighten hair without damaging its natural structure. Over 17 years later, our formula remains unchanged and we pride ourselves in providing resources and ways to care, protect, and prolong keratin treatments long after leaving the salon. Our products have helped thousands of women achieve the hair they desire with superior keratin treatments and aftercare products at affordable prices.



At Damila, we firmly believe that your hair is an extension of your power, because when your hair feels good, you feel good. And that’s why we have a higher standard for how we treat it. We believe you deserve a safe, convenient way to get silky salon-quality keratin treatments at home. You deserve the hair you want without the cost of the salon or the cost of your hair’s health. That's why we make salon-quality products that help protect and maintain your hair with incredibly smooth and stunning results.



Each of our products is curated with a blend of keratin, amino acids, plant proteins, and botanical extracts that penetrate deep into the hair for long-lasting effects. This unique recipe contains no harsh chemicals and dramatically improves elasticity, preventing any future breakage while adding intense hydration that restores, and softens your hair. Fighting frizz and maximizing your hair’s keratin protein levels, our non-greasy products will leave your hair looking healthy and polished — sealing in flyaways and head-turning shine.

Our Clients

"I'm a beauty product junkie, and I rarely leave reviews, but I feel like people should know how amazingly wonderful and accurately described this product (keratin shampoo & conditioner set) is. I've always used high-end brands, but recently got a keratin/Brazilian treatment and needed something sulfate & salt-free. It was very difficult to find something that was replenishing for keratin. I also have color-treated hair. I've used this for a couple of weeks now, and my hair feels clean, and not dry or oily at all. This is my new "go-to"!!!" 


This treatment works. I have type 3b/c hair, and it is not relaxed. After using this treatment, my hair is less frizzy and also maintains it's smoothness when I do straighten my hair. This is not a relaxer, so do not expect it to remove your curls. So far, I have also noticed that I don't use as much styling product because I don't need it. My hair looked like I went to the salon all week.

— Mommy NJ