Most of us have experienced a fantastic hair day that turns into a frizz-filled nightmare before we even step foot into work. Some of us head into summer thinking about beach days, while the rest of us look toward June as a fast-approaching giant frizz battle. So, how to keep hair frizz-free for summer and beyond? Keep reading, and we'll tell you all about it.

Why Curly Hair May Be Frizzier

Frizz may be rough but it can be more prevalent for those with curly hair. With naturally curly hair, the tighter the curl, the more difficult it can be to keep hair hydrated and frizz-free. Natural oils from the scalp and hydrating products have an easier time getting down to the tips of straight hair, while the twists and turns of curls can make it a little more challenging. Dryer hair increases the possibility of frizz.

How Frizz Effects Hair

The hair cells of all hair types, on a microscopic level, resemble shingles on a roof. When the cells are dehydrated or damaged from excess heat styling, over-processing, or lack of upkeep, the cells start to split and lift, impairing hair's ability to be waterproof. When you're in a humid or "wet" environment, the moisture gets into the hair shaft, water-logging the inner core of your hair strands, causing the cells to lift and fray even further. Without proper care, the absorbed moisture from the air soon evaporates, taking with it any leftover hydration. How can we stop this never-ending cycle? 

Protect Oil and Water Loss

Your hair and scalp's natural oils are your first line of defense against frizz. They help to keep the hair strands waterproof, meaning they can lock in moisture from evaporating into the air and prevent excess moisture from coming in. It's all about balance. 

You can start to protect your natural oils by not washing your hair every day. Usually, those who wash daily are also heat styling along with it. Both of things deplete your oils, which can cause damage and increase that frizz life. Next, check your water temperature. Hot water can be extra drying on the scalp and hair. It can strip natural oils and work like humidity in the air, so keep your water tepid and always rinse with even colder water before finishing your shower to help seal the hair cuticle.

Your shampoo and conditioner choices are also important. Sulfates are harsh detergents used in shampoos and conditioners that can deplete your hair's natural oils. Stick to sulfate-free shampoos and alcohol-free conditioners and products that gently remove excess oil while keeping hair nourished. When towel drying hair, don't vigorously scrub hair with a towel, instead gently “grab” and squeeze out water until hair no longer drips.

Keep Things in Order

Just like skincare, there is an order to how you apply your hair products to help create anti-frizz hair. First, use a keratin leave-in conditioner. Keratin-infused products help to replace damaged keratin within strands for waterproof-ability that can lock-in moisture and keep excess moisture out. Use a leave-in treatment for dry split ends that is infused with hydrating ingredients and the right amount of essential oils to further the protective mission. 

For those with curlier coarse hair, use the Damila Leave In Conditioner before using smoothing butters and styling. Thicker hair types could layer a split-end repair serum after all of the other products from mid-shaft to tips while hair is still wet and after heat styling for the ultimate environmental protection. If you're using a heat protectant conditioner or thermal spray, move on to blow-drying the hair.  

Frizz-Free Blowouts

After you've put on your anti-frizz shield of products, gently blowdry hair until at least 80% dry before using heat styling tools like curling wands, flat irons, or even round brushes to avoid frying the hair. Only use your devices in downward motions to avoid lifting your hair cells as much as possible.  

After you're done styling, add another light layer the Damila Repair and Shine Serum to tips for added environmental protection or any other sealing spray. Most of these steps are things you do daily, just tone daily washing and styling down along with the heat you wash with. Choose the right styling products in the right order for just a few ways on how to keep hair frizz-free for summer and beyond.

We are obsessed with the Damila Leave-In Conditioner and the Damila Repair and Shine Serum. Both products contain functioning keratin to help further protect and renew damaged keratin while helping keep your style frizz-free.